Is That a Baby in Your Tummy?

It’s the question that makes every pregnant woman want to “put hands” on someone, and the same question that makes an unpregnant mother roll her eyes at her the innocence of her unfiltered preschooler who may or may not want another sibling. Is there a baby in your tummy? What the heck does this have to do with a business relaunch and new blog that should be centered around wedding and event planning and design? I’m getting there; just go with me! The truth is that I have in a sense had a baby in my tummy for quite a while. Behind The Veil Planning & Design, LLC was my first baby, and originally launched in the Fall of 2008 when I decided to step away from my career as an English teacher to pursue a passion of purpose that God had given me. After successfully running the business for 2 years, life began to change, and the Lord directed me to return to teaching for a season. During that season, my husband and I had 2 babies (Zoë and Jason, Jr), and when the 2nd child was born we ultimately decided that it would suit our family best if I stayed home with those babies. About a year after JJ was born, God began to return my heart to the business He’d given me, but things were different…life was different! It wasn’t just me and my husband anymore! I’d settled in to the stay-at-home mom role and we were a family of 4. But the way I viewed myself as an entrepreneur was totally different than before. Any mother can tell you that each pregnancy is different, and each kid is different. The overwhelming joy I felt with my first super chill pregnancy with my daughter was different (not less than) from the super active pregnancy with my son. With my 1st, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but with my 2nd, I was better able to prepare myself for what was to come. You’ve all seen the commercials of the overly concerned mom with her 1st kid vs. her 2nd kid that she realizes can eat dirt and won’t die. This has sort of been a similar experience for me. I’m so ready for the birth or rebirth of this business, but I’m not taking myself too seriously this go-round. And while this is serious business, my expectations are different. And while I completely expect to excel in business, this baby in my tummy is a different baby from the first. To be honest, this baby isn’t really mine; I’m just a surrogate. So, Behind The Veil Design Studio will be the entrepreneurial success that God wants it to be, and I’m just here for the journey! I’ve realized that in my own knowledge and ability I could never raise this baby as well as He could!

Girl, so what’s this blog gonna be about??? Whatever God says! Seriously, this blog will focus on wedding planning, event styling tips, trends in the industry, amazing event vendors, etc. I also want to connect with people on topics such as entrepreneurship, marriage, family, and balancing life. I hope to make this an outlet of transparency that will minister to you wherever you are. Like for real, whatever God says! And I’m here for it!!!

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