Tammy & the BTV team are truly God-sent! I didn’t plan on engaging a coordinator, because I thought I could do it all on my own, and the venue had an event coordinator.  Boy was I wrong! Even though many wedding websites will have checklists and reminders, there are so many important pieces of your wedding celebration that truly can only be anticipated and thoroughly planned for by an experienced coordinator/planner. A couple’s wedding planner is by far the most important wedding vendor throughout the entire wedding planning experience, and I’m so grateful that I had Tammy by my side. My now-husband and I had a 5-month engagement and our wedding was truly a dream come true. Tammy brought our wedding vision to life and our wedding day exceeded our expectation. Although I thought I had it all together and had all my bases covered, there are so many minor and major details that I hadn’t thought of and Tammy was there to take care of them all. Every bride, at a minimum, needs a wedding coordinator. Do not do it on your own! Not only is Tammy experienced and has an eye for detail, she also is adept at working with multiple personalities. I was a bride-to-be that knew everything I wanted and how I wanted it, and Tammy was able to work side by side with me and navigate how to blend my personality with her foresight and expertise. My day was as stress free as possible because of her. Whenever any of my guests or vendors had a question, I directed them to Tammy and her team. I truly enjoyed my wedding day—I ate, drank, danced, interacted with guests and had an amazing night. Tammy handled it all so I just sat back and enjoyed the night!

Mrs. Collette Woghiren

I am so glad that I was able to have BTV produce my Bridal Shower. If I could do it all over again, I would've had BTV do my wedding too! When you contact BTV for any event, just know you're getting expertise, excellence, professionalism, innovative presentation, and quality. You know that you're in great hands, and you won't be disappointed!!! You need to BTV your NEXT EVENT!

Mrs. Laura Barclay

Imagine walking into a bridal expo not knowing what to expect. Imagine being so excited, yet overwhelmed thinking about planning a wedding for 300 guests. Planning? Oh wait, what about flowers, centerpieces, cake, programs, invitations and ohhhhh décor. Then imagine meeting Tammy, Owner of “Behind the Veil Design Studio” and her easing those fears, taking the pressure away, having great ideas and creativeness that just blows you away. The amount of time, listening, consideration, collaboration that Tammy provides is unbelievable. How she manages to listen and take away all the anxiety from you is unparalleled. She took all the thoughts and ideas I had and made my dreams come true and planned the most Fabulous wedding ever. Not only was everything spectacular but my anxiety, worry, concern in planning a wedding for 300 guest and a bridal party of 20 went out the window.  From venues, florists, bakeries, bridal shops, invitations, programs, centerpieces, lighting, rehearsals and rehearsal dinners, you name it, she does it. She was my life saver!  What you receive from her & her team is not just planning but its life changing in knowing that one of the best days of your life will in fact be as close to perfect as it can get! She is not only remarkable at what she does, but she is the most humble and patient person you’ll ever meet. I would highly recommend her a thousand times over in planning your Big Day.

Mrs. Tiffany Hill-Moore

Tammy was able to turn my vision into a reality. I was able to finally see the wedding I'd been dreaming of come to fruition. I like things to be simple and understated, yet elegant. This "simple elegance" is exactly what Tammy created for us. She turned a bland, boring space into a beautiful, romantic, yet relaxed reception space. From the flowers to the lighting to the place cards...every little touch was perfect. Working with Tammy and Behind the Veil helped produce the wedding of my dreams. I'd recommend her to any and every bride without hesitation!

Dr. Daina Roberson 


When my husband and I were married, the majority of our wedding planning took place while we were living in different cities, and if not for Tammy and Behind the Veil, I do not know how we would have gotten it done! Tammy was professional and attentive, but also personable and just fun to be around. She made sure that our wedding reflected our personal styles and was willing to fill in the blanks when we had no idea what we wanted or where to begin (which was often!). Tammy worked with us on full wedding planning, from picking the venue, until the day of, and even some time after to wrap everything up. I would recommend Tammy and Behind the Veil for planning your wedding or other events without hesitation! She did an amazing job, which allowed us to really enjoy our day. AND, we stayed in budget! Thank you again Tammy!

 Nneka and Eryan Cobham

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Tammy for our 2010 wedding in Chicago, IL.  I was not a bride who had ANY clue of what I wanted my wedding to be.  I had never thumbed through a wedding magazine in my life.  Though engaged for a year by the time we hired Tammy - I had no venue, no dress, no ideas.  Though she may have initially thought she was working with a blank canvas, we both soon found out that really I was quite particular about EVERY detail of the wedding.  Go figure.  Given her consummate professionalism and flexibility, attention to detail, and sincere dedication to her clients, Tammy took this all in stride and ultimately helped us to create our dream wedding.  Tammy went with me to try on dresses, scout wedding and reception venues and all vendor appointments.  She held my hand through a very rigorous process and was always available to answer questions, offer ideas, and kept us on schedule for the wedding planning process.  Thanks Tammy!

Dr. Camille McCormick-Moore


Tammy took the time to get to know me and my fiancé so she could cater to our style. Her expertise made the planning much easier.  I highly recommend Behind The Veil!

Mrs. Allison Watkins


My, my, my…there’s so much I can say about Tammy and the Behind the Veil team.. At the onset of our business relationship I didn’t have much of a vision for my wedding.  I had a few ideas, but not a full vision.  I was able to share a few pictures and ideas and Tammy turned my dreams into a complete reality in a matter of just three months.  I remember over the course of time we spent working together not only was she my planner, she became a friend and major support system to me.   There were times I didn’t want to go through with the wedding due to finances and the stresses of bringing my family together, but Tammy was able to encourage me and get me back on course.  Two weeks prior to the wedding I tried to cancel it, because money was becoming an issue.  I guess you can say I had champagne taste on a beer budget (LOL)…When I talked to Tammy about it, she put her thinking cap on and researched and found a cheaper venue and food option for us, which turned out to be even more beautiful than I’d ever dreamed.  November 19th turned out to be the best day of my life, and I owe it all to the Behind the Veil Design Studio team.  I’m fortunate to have ever come in contact with such beautiful souls.  If you’re in the market to get married these are your guys!  You’ll be beyond pleased; I know my husband and I were.  Our guests are still talking about our venue and food!

Mrs. Brandy Lee


The absolute best decision we made was to hire Tammy (Behind the Veil) as a Day of Coordinator.  It was a special blessing to be able to spend precious time with our families before our ceremony and reception and truly enjoy our day, knowing they were setting everything up and making sure every detail was in place.  They went above and beyond setting up for the reception; I had a vision, but it surpassed anything I ever dream of! She helped me surprise my husband with a gospel choir at the ceremony, which meant a lot to him.  We would highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding.

Mrs. Sandy Miranda-Thomas